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   It's still strange to think that Nick isn't about to walk into the room                      after pulling off the greatest joke of all time.

The Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship is named for a great improviser and a wonderful friend who landed in Chicago in January 2011 and made a huge impression on our community over the following two years.  His drive and excitement was infectious.  His love of laughter and supportive nature made him an important part of any team.  He left a Nick Wieme sized hole in all of our hearts, and it is for that reason that we hope his memory will forever be a part of the Chicago Improv Community. 

Nick grew up in the small town of Pipestone, Minnesota with two older brothers, loving parents, and a network of wonderful family and friends that instilled in him love and support perfect for the art of improvised theatre.  As a kid he developed a love for comedy and making short films grabbing friends, family and classmates... pretty much anyone who'd say "Yes" to being a character in his latest short film. 


His love for storytelling continued while he attended Minnesota State University Moorhead.  There he honed his skills in stand-up comedy and directing his shorts. Nick would become a regular around Fargo's comedy clubs. After a few years he, along with a handful of other comics set up shop at Babb's Coffee House showcasing not only stand up but sketch and improv groups. He loved creating and constantly encouraged others to do the same. He was always your number one fan. 

After three and a half years at MSUM, Nick graduated with a major in English and a minor in film, he made the move to Chicago to study improvisation at iO and the Annoyance.  His Midwestern kindness made him an easy friend and an integral member of every class.   Upon finishing the year long program at iO, Nick was selected to be placed on a Harold team (Villain) were a mere 10% of the students make the cut from student to performer each term. He was constantly working on his next film, writing ideas, and running full steam ahead. He rarely filmed a scene more than once, believing that the scene was as right as it was going to get from that first take. 

His brain moved fast, faster than the rest of us could keep up—and that was all part of the magic of our friend Nick Wieme.  We treasure his time in our lives and in the Chicago Improv Community—a community that will never be the same as it was when he was part of it.



             Nick Wieme


1.28.89 - 12.13.12


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