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About the Scholarship

Congratulations to Ashton Tregoning, the 2015 recipient of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship. Ashton received full tuition to attend improv class at The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago!


Stay tuned by 'liking' us on Facebook for next years application due date!




The Mission of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship is to award to its recipients the opportunity to study improvisational theater in Chicago. Those who exhibit financial need, and a desire to learn an art form that prides itself on taking care of others, making your scene partner look good, being supportive on and off stage, never judging yourself or those around you, and thinking fast on your feet, are encouraged to apply.


The Values of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship are caring for those around you, a dedication to comedy, a love of “Good Choices” and finding joy in everything a performer can do on an improv stage.


The Goals of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship are to:

• Provide scholarships to improvisers in financial need.

• Fundraise to provide those scholarships.

• Further strengthen the Chicago Improv Community by remembering a great friend and reminding everyone that the rules that help us create great scenes on stage are the same guidelines that can provide for fantastic friendships.

• Grow the scholarship to an endowment to allow the scholarship to continue for many years.


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