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    Submissions for the 2016 scholarship are due August 1, 2016

Congratulations to Ashton Tregoning the recipient of the 2015 Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship receiving full tuition to study improv at the Annoyance Theatre!

How to Apply...

Scholarship Requirements:

This scholarship is open to any adult aged 18 or over who wishes to study improv at the Annoyance Theatre over the course of a 14 month period in 2016-2017.  No adult will be denied on the basis of age, experience, gender, race or sexual orientation.  The predominant factors in awarding the scholarship will be desire to learn improv as an art form and financial need.

Requirements for applicants:


1. No previous improv experience needed! If you are new to Chicago, or are just new to the improv community you are more than welcome to apply.


3. Write a five hundred (500) word essay on what improv could do for you and why you are passionate about it.

4. (Optional) Send a one minute video introducing yourself or showing any small project you have done. Have fun - be creative!

5. (Optional) Submit one letter or email of recommendation with contact information for the professional reference (If submitted, the selection committee will contact the reference only to confirm the letter of recommendation).


Questions? Where to send your application? email us:


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